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Get a unique look behind the scenes of a large festival

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Fantasy Forest. They create the entire experience and without them, the festival would simply not exist.

It is a magical experience you'll never forget, where you'll make new friends, sometimes for life, and add a great work experience to your resume. All while you are being well taken care off.

There is a dedicated area reserved for the crew on the event terrain where you can pitch your tent. In the evening this is where we start a campfire and relax, share a laugh and have a drink at night. During the day, you can find your temporary home; the crew tent. You can walk in 24/7 to grab a drink, something to eat or simply rest. Throughout the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served by our own crew catering, free of charge for all our volunteers! If you work during the weekend your team-leader will make sure you have enough free time in your schedule to enjoy the festival.

The minimum age requirement is 18 and there is no maximum. There are many positions available. Some are physically demanding; some require people skills while other positions have no specific requirements.

If you have any questions or require more information, do not hesitate to contact jantien@fantasyforest.co.uk.

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Volunteer registrations for 2021 have not opened yet. Please follow us on Facebook or sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know when volunteer registrations open. For any questions related to volunteering at Fantasy Forest please contact jantien@fantasyforest.co.uk