Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


In order to enter the festival, visitors require a valid festival ticket. A valid festival ticket can be purchased online or at the entrance. Each ticket barcode is unique and only the first person to display the original barcode on the ticket will be admitted into the venue. Ticket copying and redistribution is strictly forbidden. The purchaser

is fully responsible for using both the ticket original and the duplicate. The festival organizers cannot be held accountable for harmful or malevolent ticket use.

Separate tickets will be sold for Saturday and Sunday. A ticket will only be valid for the day mentioned on the ticket.

When you have purchased a weekend ticket you will receive a wristband at the gate which must be worn for the duration of

the event. The wristband allows you free access to the festival during the weekend. Festival wristbands may not be removed, cut, torn or damaged in any way or they cease to be valid.

If you have purchased a camping ticket your wristband will also allow you access to the campsite.

Please bring your ticket with you. Even if you purchased a ticket online we cannot retrieve it for you at the festival since tickets are not by name.

Please be aware that your bags may be checked when you enter the festival terrain. If your costume contains weapon props you may be asked to submit those for inspection as well to make sure they cannot cause actual harm.

Visitors will not be allowed to stay on the festival terrain or castle grounds after the festival closes.It is not allowed to sleep in the car park.

Children up to and including the age of 7 have free access to the festival For children aged 8 up to and including age 15 special discounted rates apply. Age 16 and up must purchase an adult ticket.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Ticket Holders agree, if asked, to provide proof of age and/or personal identification at the entrance gates.It is not allowed to pass on your wristband to another person.

It is prohibited to enter the event area under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. When noticed you will be denied access without the right to a ticket refund.

Pilgrim Events Limited and Sudeley Castle LLP reserve the right to deny access to the festival or remove a person from the festival and/or campsite when they feel there is a valid reason to do so. Valid reasons could be, but are not limited to, possession of weapons, possession or use of drugs, aggressive behavior to other visitors, traders or staff, indecent clothing, any act in violation of UK law or violation of the house rules.


Pilgrim Events Limited is not responsible for any cost or damage to visitors or items caused by direct or indirect actions from other visitors, traders or the venue owner during or related to the festival.

Pilgrim Events Limited cannot be held liable in any way for the damage or loss of property.

Pilgrim Events Limited cannot be held liable for personal accidents on the festival terrain, the campsite or the car park.

Participation at the festival is at the Visitor’s own risk. The Organiser is not liable for any damages, by whatever name, suffered by a Visitor as a result of the participation, unless the damage is a direct consequence of deliberate intent or gross negligence on the part of the Organiser. This exclusion of liability also applies to serious damages such as all possible damages resulting from injury or death.

Pilgrim Events Limited cannot be held liable for goods that are sold by the traders.

Pilgrim Events Limited cannot be held liable for any defects on products sold by the traders.

Sale of alcohol

Alcohol will only to those of legal drinking age (18+) Please bring photo ID. A special wristband will be provided to you when you purchase alcohol for the first time. By wearing this wristband you can purchase alcohol without the need to show ID each time.

Buying alcohol for people under the age of 18 is illegal. If we notice you doing this we reserve the right to remove you from the terrain without the right to a refund.


It is not allowed to bring food or non-alcoholic beverages to the Festival venue other than for personal use and in limited quantities.It is not allowed to bring alcoholic

beverages to the Festival venue.

Without written permission from the organization or Sudeley Castle LLP it is not allowed to sell goods or services on the festival terrain, car park, campsite or castle grounds.

It is prohibited to distribute flyers, posters and/or banners or other promotional activities at the event area and/or parking areas without the written consent of the organization.

Visitors are free (and encouraged) to dress in any way they like as long as the clothing is respectful to other visitors and does not cross the line of decency. The organization has the right to refuse access when it feels these rules are broken.

Not allowed are costumes or items that are of a political nature (extreme left, extreme right) or can be seen as discriminatory. Nazi symbols in any form or shape are also not allowed.

Guests must behave respectfully to each other, festival staff, staff of Sudeley Castle, traders and anyone else they may meet on the festival terrain. (Verbal) violence will not be tolerated. If you have a dispute please contact a member of Pilgrim Events Limited.


Free parking is available at the event.

Pilgrim Events Limited is not responsible or liable for any damage incurred on the parking lot to persons, cars or items.

Cancellation and Refund policy

For reasons of force majeure the Organizer can decide to cancel the Event at short notice. If the Event is cancelled because of force majeure no new date will be set. In this case, no entry fees and/or additional expenses will be refunded to the ticket owner.

The Organizer is not liable for any costs incurred by the Participant if the festival has to be cancelled because of force majeure.

Refunds for already purchased Festival tickets will be possible only in the case of cancellation of the entire Festival event, which is not caused by force majeure.

There will be no refunds for purchased tickets for any other reason or cancellation of one or more artists confirmed to play the Festival event.

You are allowed to transfer your ticket to someone else.

Tickets are sold subject to the organizers right to change, vary or cancel the scheduled activities and performances due to events or circumstances beyond their control without being obliged to a refund.

Video and Photography

Visitors agree to be photographed, filmed or recorded as part of the audience.

All video, photo and audio materials acquired on festival site is subject to be used in promotional materials for the festival without any limitations of time and space and at the sole discretion of the Festival and its Organizers.

Visitors are free to bring their own photography and/or recording devices for non-commercial use.

Prior written permission from Pilgrim Events Limited is needed if you wish to use the images/video for commercial activities. Commercial use includes asking the model for compensation when they request a high resolution file of the photo.


Please do not bring anything to site that

could be considered under the offensive weapons act.

Prop weapons will be checked at the gate.

Please make sure your props are:

  • blunt
  • unable to fire any type of projectile
  • prop guns are fitted with an orange capThe final decision lies with security.

Please be patient and understanding if your weapon is not allowed in.