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Fantasy Forest Festival

Trader Terms & Conditions


By paying the stall holders fee, the applicant declares to agree to the general guidelines concerning participation at the “Fantasy Forest” event as outlined in this document.

Fantasy Forest reserves the right to reject bookings, on the grounds that the business or craft is unsuitable for the festival or for any other reason given by Fantasy Forest.

No product exclusives will be agreed.

After applying for a stand location and approval from the organization, you will receive an invoice by email. A deposit of 50% must be paid within 2 weeks of the invoice date and the balance by May 15th 2024.

If you do not pay the deposit within two weeks, your reservation will be cancelled. Your participation is final when the full amount has been paid and a valid copy of your PLI has been provided. When the remaining amount of the invoice is paid too late or you fail to provide a copy of your PLI, the reservation is cancelled as well and any payment already made will not be refunded.

Participating at the “Fantasy Forest” event is only possible when the entire invoice for the stand has been paid in advance.

You are obliged to have Public Liability Insurance. We will ask for a copy of your valid insurance certificate(s). No application will be fully confirmed without insurance details.

Exhibitors are only permitted to sell what they have stated on the application. Any changes must first be cleared with the Fantasy Forest organization in advance.

Damage caused by the exhibitor to the terrain, grounds or goods will be invoiced to the exhibitor. You will receive an invoice for the damages amount, which needs to be paid within two weeks after receipt of the invoice.


The “Fantasy Forest” event organization reserves the right to cancel the event due to force majeure or superior forces, without the exhibitor being able to claim compensation for any kind of losses. Superior forces or force majeure are circumstances of external influences which make it impossible for the “Fantasy Forest” event to take place.

Such circumstances of influences include:
– A prohibition on public events, decreed by governments;
– Terrorist attacks or threats;
– Natural disasters or extreme weather conditions;
– Breakout of epidemics and infectious diseases.

An application cannot be withdrawn or changed one-sided by the exhibitor.

The “Fantasy Forest” event organization may grant the request to cancel the registration. Up to 90 days before the event the organization will return 100% of the paid rent fee. In the period of 90 to 42 days before the event, 50% of the paid rent fee will be returned. Cancellation within 42 days before the event, forfeits all rights for a return of paid rent fee.


You may not sub-contract your stall or any part of your stall without clear written express permission.

The “Fantasy Forest” event organization allocates preselected stand spaces unless otherwise agreed in writing.

For the construction of your stand at the allocated area, the exhibitor can have access to the venue on Friday before the “Fantasy Forest” event between the hours of 8AM till 9PM or on Saturday of the event.

You always have to register at the registration point in the parking lot first.

Vehicles are not allowed on the terrain in the weekend until the visitors have left the terrain on Sunday at 19.30. Vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas. Exhibitors’ vehicles will be allowed on the terrain when there is room available. On Friday this means that you may have to wait on the parking lot until you are allowed to continue. On Sunday all exhibitors have to access the terrain in the correct order. Please follow the instructions of the parking crew carefully. Once on the terrain the exhibitor has 60 minutes to load/unload the goods. On Monday after the “Fantasy Forest” event, by 12PM at the latest, the stand/location must be empty to be handed over.

Each exhibitor will receive trader wristbands as requested on the trader registration form. The final ordering date for extra wristbands is 6 weeks (42 days) before the start of the “Fantasy Forest” event at the latest. After this date extra entrance tickets can only be purchased in advance via the ticket sales website of the “Fantasy Forest” event or at the box offices during the event.

The offering of goods for sale will take place only in accordance with the guidelines set by the “Fantasy Forest” event.

The exhibitor space must be booked for the duration of the event.

Vendors must only sell from their assigned space. They may not walk around selling or collecting for any charity, group or organization.

Stallholder must ensure that their site is staffed during event hours (Saturday at least until 8PM and Sunday until 6PM) unless otherwise agreed. No stall shall be removed during event hours.

Dangerous and harmful substances are prohibited.

Weapons can only be sold with written permission from the organization.

The exhibitor is bound to any directions given by the “Fantasy Forest” event organization, concerning the stand, the stand area, the use of the stand and the furnishing of the stand. These directions must be instantly and entirely followed.

Presenting of advertisement and information material can only happen within the stand itself. Brochure racks, billboards, clothing racks, card mills etc. are not allowed in front, next or behind the agreed parcel, market stall or pavilion and need to be placed inside the agreed surface.


Goods that are on the “Fantasy Forest” event grounds or on accompanying grounds are the responsibility and liability of the exhibitor. The “Fantasy Forest” event organization is not liable for theft, loss or damages of any kind, for any reason suffered by people or goods, while participating or related to participating in the “Fantasy Forest” event. The “Fantasy Forest” event organization is not liable for damages or losses of third parties, caused by the exhibitor or his staff using the stand.

The exhibitor safeguards the event organization against any kind of demands of third parties.

The “Fantasy Forest” event organization is not responsible for theft or missing of goods. The event organization has the duty to safeguard the terrain with security, but is free from any claims of theft, loss or damage.

The exhibitor is liable and is required to be insured for all kinds of damage, loss or harm caused by self-infliction or negligence of his own, his staff or his exhibited goods. Should goods of visitors, exhibitors and/or persons working for or in order by the event organization be damaged, lost or harmed in any way because of this, caused damages can be charged to the exhibitor by the “Fantasy Forest” event organization.

The “Fantasy Forest” event organization prohibits the use of private generators, due to possible noise hindrance to visitors and other participants.

The “Fantasy Forest” event organization will make image recordings before, during and after the “Fantasy Forest” event on image recorders. There are no rights attached to this and the “Fantasy Forest” event may use these images for any kind of commercial or non-commercial purposes.

The exhibitor is required to follow the instructions given by or in name of the “Fantasy Forest” event organization, the local commune, the Fire Department, staff of the venue and other authorities, concerning the construction, furnishing, safety, maintenance and deconstruction of the rented stand before, during and after the event.

The exhibitor obliges himself to sell no products or services whatsoever that are in violation with regulations of the British Fundamental Law, for instance the displaying of t-shirts with discriminating prints. The exhibitor also obligates himself to sell no products or services with (extremely) left or (extremely) right political dispositions.


It is prohibited to actively distribute flyers, posters and/or banners or other promotional activities at the event area and/or parking areas without the written consent of the organization Distributing means: handing out leaflets, booklets, pamphlets and so on, as well as car-, tree-, window, pole stickers being adhered to any of these objects.

What is allowed, is to passively distribute leaflets from inside the exhibitor own stand. This means handing a leaflet over along with the purchase of a product or when visitors take a leaflet themselves.

It is not allowed to take surveys amongst the visitors and participants of the “Fantasy Forest” event, neither on the grounds of the event nor on the parking lot.


It is allowed to sleep in your stand or on the campsite. Extensions to the stand space by putting up a tent, camper or other vehicle to sleep in are not allowed unless agreed upon by the festival organisation in writing. During the night toilets are available, showers are available on the campsite.

After the “Fantasy Forest” event the stand area must be delivered without any garbage or litter. Garbage needs to be left at the garbage collection points. It is not allowed to leave garbage along the paths or next to a garbage bin intended for visitor use.

If an exhibitor should leave the premises without being present at the inspection of the stand, in that case the exhibitor is responsible for the risk of any costs made by cleaning or repair of the stand. If costs are made any additional costs will be charged to the exhibitor.


It is prohibited at all times to enter the grass on the North Lawn with any kind of vehicle.

The “Fantasy Forest” event organization has the right to take action against the exhibitor who acts in disagreement with the general guidelines in this document or when the exhibitor fails to follow the instructions of the “Fantasy Forest event organization. This is without compensation and without legal interference. This immediately leads to the following actions, any costs for these actions are charged to the exhibitor. The individuals involved are denied access to the “Fantasy Forest” event effective immediately, or their stand will be closed and/or must be evacuated. Any costs will be charged to the exhibitor.

The UK law applies to these General Guidelines. Any disputes between the “Fantasy Forest” event organization and the exhibitor will be presented to an authorized judge in London. In any situation where these general guidelines do not apply or are unclear; the final decision is made by the “Fantasy Forest” event organization.

Dogs are allowed on certain parts of the premises, but they must be kept on a lead at all times. The gardens and the chapel or off limits to dogs.

Starting open fire is not allowed unless the “Fantasy Forest” event organization has given specific permission in writing.

The use of sound equipment is not allowed without specific permission in writing.

Selling food and beverages (like mead) in your stand is not allowed, except when written authorization has been granted by the “Fantasy Forest” event organization.

The making up of visitors, the selling of bottles of beverage and letting visitors practice archery is not allowed without explicit written permission of the “Fantasy Forest” event organization.

It is prohibited to smoke inside a tent. Smoking outside is allowed, however: the exhibitor must ensure that no cigarette butts fall on the ground and/or are left behind on the ground.

Image or sound recordings that have been made at the “Fantasy Forest” event are exclusively meant for non-commercial purposes. For commercial use written permission by the “Fantasy Forest” event organization is required.

When participating in the “Fantasy Forest” event, you are aware of the possibility that you might appear on pictures and photos which may also be used by the “Fantasy Forest” event for publicity purposes.

Catering can make use of the put in electricity system, when this has been registered with the application. Costs will be charged in advance. For caterers and exhibitors who will be using appliances that need a lot of electricity (heavy users like water boilers, microwaves and ovens), other rates apply. These rates will be specified per case on the basis of the stated appliances. An exhibitor is expected to state for what the electricity is going to be used at the application. Electricity is available on Saturday from 8:00 to 24:00 midnight, on Sunday from 8:00 to 19:00.

In the case an exhibitor needs to use water at the stand, the exhibitor is responsible for the supply, the storage and the discharge of water. The exhibitor cannot use the sewage system, open water or grounds of the event terrain to discharge water under any circumstances. If the “Fantasy Forest” event organization grants the exhibitor permission to use water points found on the terrain, the exhibitor has to take care of a water connection (hoses and such) to the water points.

Additional costs will be charged to the exhibitor as well. The tap water on the grounds is not drinking water and is not to be used as such.


Food & Beverage exhibitors are obliged to abide by the regulations that are described in these general guidelines.

Connection to a central water point can only take place when the exhibitor paid for this separately.

Food & Beverage exhibitors take care that any garbage is disposed in the central container. It is not allowed for Food & Beverage exhibitor to leave garbage behind at a garbage point.

Food & Beverage exhibitors cannot use the sewage system, open water or grounds of the event terrain to discharge their water under any circumstances. Full wastewater tanks have to be taken home.


All food and refreshment suppliers should comply with all relevant health and safety legislation and in particular food hygiene regulations issued under the food safety act.

All relevant paperwork must be submitted to the “Fantasy Forest” Event organization in advance of the event. This includes the PLI, the gas testing certificate (when applicable) and the food hygiene certificates.

Government inspectors may visit the event and inspect whether the food offered by professional and private individuals is unspoiled and safe for consumption. They also inspect if the salespersons abide by the rules and standards set by this Inspection. In the interest of food safety strict rules have been set concerning publicly sold food. Food salespersons and other caterers are expected to meet the standards set by this inspection service for public and professional sale of food. This inspection service and other communal services are authorized to close your stand in the case their standards and demands are not met. In those cases, you safeguard the “Fantasy Forest” event organization of any consequences (imposed by the communal and government safety inspections) that follow.

When you sell 1/3 food products and 2/3 other products, you are classified as an exhibitor. If you sell more than 1/3 food products, you are classified as catering.

Food sale is only allowed when your company is registered as a seller of food.

The seller of food is obligated to meet all the requirements concerning food safety and hygiene.


The owner of the license to sell alcoholic beverages must supervise the stand at all times during the “Fantasy Forest” event.

Alcoholic beverage sellers must ask for ID to check the legal drinking age unless they have a wristband indicating they are of legal drinking age (Challenge 25)


(For stand/stalls/tents that bake and fry) No more butane/propane containers exclusively used for this purpose, than necessary for the equipment to work, are present in the stand/stall/tent.

These butane/propane containers have to be kept at least two meters away from fire and protected against excessive heating by sun and be protected from any other kind of danger.

The butane/propane containers have to be placed and secured in such a way that they cannot fall over and can easily be removed in case of fire.

The high-pressure hoses, meant exclusively for butane/propane and not older than two years, have to be secured with hose-clips to the butane/propane container, reduce device and the burner.

Near every baking or frying device must be a carbon-dioxide-snow extinguisher/CO2 (containing at least 6kg) available that is ready for use. There must be a fire blanket available.

In a two metre radius there are no highly flammable substances allowed.

Every baking and frying device has to have a thermostat that works perfectly or another safety device that, in case of oil or fat overheating, turns the gas flame to the lowest level or shuts the gas supply completely off.

The supporting area under the baking and frying devices must be fireproof within a 10 centimetre radius, be covered with a fireproof material or a material that does not easily conduct heat.

With every baking or frying pan there must be a fitting lid, available for immediate use, that can cover the pan in case of fire.


All mentioned prices that concern stands and exhibitors, are without VAT. Unless it is specifically emphasized otherwise.

Exhibitors pay on their bill the legally obligated amount of VAT