Wicker Fire Ceremony

Wicker dragon burning Fantasy Festival

Held on the Saturday evening is the wicker fire ceremony – a unique and special experience. Best described as a wonderful celebration of life, people can offer up their wishes to the fire in a symbolic way. Open to anyone who wants to join in, it’s completely non-denominational and everyone can give their own meaning to the ceremony.

For the first event in 2019 a dragon sculpture was built to represent creation, strength and courage. Plans are already in place to craft a giant wicker phoenix sculpture for 2021, a symbol of transformation to represent ‘rising from the ashes’ – something relevant to everyone right now.

This magical fire ceremony provides not only an impressive spectacle, but also a moment of reflection on our lives, with an invitation to cast personal wishes and intentions into the flames. it’s an experience you won’t forget!

Find out more about how we create this very special experience and what it means to everyone from the creator of the Wicker Fire Ceremony.