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Fantasy Forest Festival

Trinket Trading 101

Ever wondered what Trinket Trading is and what policy is in place regarding Trinket Trading at Fantasy Forest? Well, wonder no more!

Trinket Trading is a great way to get to know people at the festival and to make new friends. Creating trinkets is also a creative pre-event activity that many people enjoy.

What is a trinket? A trinket is a small item/token used to trade against similar small items/tokens. It can be handmade, or store bought.

As there are a lot of people new to trinket trading, we have been receiving a lot of questions regarding what is and isn’t allowed at Fantasy Forest as people are concerned of breaking any festival rules while trinket trading. We have combined all the visitor questions and concerns raised by our traders in the below set of rules which are there to guide you in the wonderful world of Trinket Trading.

We ask that anyone participating in the trading of trinkets abide by the following rules:

1. Trinkets may not be sold. You may only give them away or trade them for other trinkets

2. Trinkets should not have monetary value

3. Trinket trading is only allowed as a non-commercial activity and cannot be used for self promotion. Handing out business cards with trinkets or adding information on trinkets such as your Instagram page, webshop address etc is not allowed

4. In consideration of child safety, there must always be an adult present when children are involved in trinket trading

5. Respect our vendors and their efforts. Do not create/trade products that compete with something vendors offer

6. Do not approach/offer to trade a trinket to a person that is browsing a stall or is already engaged in a conversation with someone else. You might inadvertently interrupt a potential sale

7. Only offer to trade with a vendor if they have a marked trinket trading sign. Trades should not be offered for any vendor’s items for sale

8. It is not polite to ask to see the other persons trinket first before deciding if you wish to trade with them. Treat fellow trinket traders with respect

9. Trinkets are not allowed to promote a political, religious or other socially controversial topic/point of view

10. Trinkets should not make a mess (no glitter, confetti etc)

11. Stickers are not allowed to be traded as trinkets

12. Food item trinkets are not allowed (health and safety concern)

It helps your trinket trading efforts if you can be identified as a trinket trader by displaying the trinket trader symbol found below, created by Jordan Rey and White Wizard Purple Elf