Trader Applications

Apply for a stall at Fantasy Forest 2022!

Join dozens of traders in our Fantasy Market and sell your unique goods to the visitors of Fantasy Forest.


This application is for non-catering stalls only.

Would you like to serve food at Fantasy Forest 2022? Please contact stefan@fantasyforest.co.uk

Useful information

Market Stalls scaled

Pre-pitched market stall

The stall measures 3.04m x 2.14m and includes a removeable board that can be used a s a display counter measuring 3.04m x 1.22m. A tarp sheet to cover the front of the stall to protect your goods from weather during the night is also provided.

20190719 061003 scaled

Pre-pitched marquee

These rugged 3x3m structures with specialist weights and fully waterproofed canopies can withstand any weather and provides you 9m² of space to display your wares. At night the front can be zipped up to close the marquee completely

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Medieval area (SOLD OUT)

Time stands still in our medieval area. To help with immersion, we only allow medieval style tents at this location that sell time-period items.

DSC 4707

Steampunk area

Enter the latest addition to Fantasy Forest; our steampunk area! All traders in this area must sell wares related to steampunk

How to form works

The base price will no longer depend on your location, but the type of pitch you want. This will provide everyone with equal opportunities.

Not all locations will have every type of pitch available due to area limitations. As such, the locations available to you will now depend on the type of pitch you desire. Your vehicle will also be a factor in which locations are available to you.

Trader area map (click to enlarge)

Trader Applications for 2022 are now Closed. All pitches have been reserved.

At this moment, all our stalls are sold out!We are currently working with a waiting list which can be found at the bottom of this page. If you would like the opportunity to trade at Fantasy Forest 2021, please fill out this form. We will inform you if we have a stall available.