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Fantasy Forest Festival

Tibetan Singing Bowls

“Maria started working with Tibetan singing bowls in 2010, when she met her teacher in Nepal. The knowledge she received from him is empowered by valuable experience. She performed group meditations and personal healing sessions, participated in various festivals and retreats in the UK and abroad. 

Tibetan singing bowls have been used for meditations, energy balancing and physical healing for centuries. Harmonizing and balancing sound bath helps to increase energy levels, reduce stress, overcome depression, migraine, insomnia, old pain and some other conditions. It also helps to reduce recovery time from injuries and surgery and clear some mental or emotional blocks. Overall it gives a pleasant and unique feeling of deep relaxation in a meditative state. Enjoy the mystic sounds and experience the power of harmonizing vibrations that are heard not only through the ears but through every cell in your body.”

30-minute sessions. For times, see the blackboard at her location in the chapel gardens