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Fantasy Forest Festival

The Cosplay Journal

The Cosplay Journal is a UK based cosplay and costume publication, showcasing
the art, craft and diversity of the costuming hobbies and the communities within
There is so much fun to be had with making, wearing and sharing your love for
fantasy in costumes no matter which way you choose to do that and The Cosplay
Journal is here to celebrated it. We’ve worked alongside drag queens and cabaret
artists, steampunks and vintage fashionistas, blacksmiths and tailors, Broadway
theatre departments and small scale makers crafting in their front rooms, and even
The British Museum to shine a light onto everything that costume and crafting can
be. And of course, we’ve got a lot of cosplay in there too!
It is an absolute pleasure to be able to bring The Cosplay Journal to Fantasy Forest
and help grow the Cosplay Court with our team of makers, menders and make-