Natures Harvest stall

Natures Harvest

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Homemade jams & chutneys, confectionery, handmade fudge.…

Hat created by Sawn by Dragons

Sewn by Dragons

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Costumes, machine embroidered items and clothing. Hand made props, jewellery and other trinkets.…

Gallery 59 logo

Gallery 59

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Exclusive artwork, exclusive t-shirt designed by Nik Macey. Sterling silver, jewellery and a selection of incense and candles.…

Stoked 2021 Logo

Fantasy Forest to host “Stoked 2021”

We are proud to announce that the official Anne Stokes fan club, in collaboration with world renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes, has selected Fantasy Forest as the location for “Stoked 2021”. Fans from all over the world will travel to …

Art piece by Delusions


Air Brushed Fantasy Art, Prints and merchandise (bags, scarves, cards) and hand made puppets…

Saffrron Crafts Stall

Saffrron Crafts

Historical and fantasy costumes. Cloaks shoulder capes. Parasols and soft toys…