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Fantasy Forest Festival


Dragon Stage

Dream Stage

After a crushing performance at Fantasy Forest 2022 we could not ignore the demands to have this Dutch band return to Fantasy Forest once more!

A unique voice in the music industry! A powerful mix of Americana, folk, country, bluegrass, and rock with raw vocals, enthralling tales, and irresistible rhythms and melodies.

For many, the band Sunfire is perhaps the best-kept secret so far, as they have recently caused quite a furor throughout Europe. This fairly new and emerging band has already made its mark with more than 150 performances. And they have literally and figuratively caused quite a stir. Even beyond the borders of the Netherlands, they are known for their own innovative Western folk style. A tasty mix of solid Americana, folk, country, bluegrass, roots, and rock. The songs are mostly up-tempo and are interspersed with compelling stories. Sunfireā€™s live performances are top-notch. A feast for the eyes and ears. In addition to performing at venues and festivals, Sunfire will undoubtedly also conquer theaters with their musical theater show, Tales of the Old West.