Venue and Festival Decoration

Sudeley Castle is a wonderful location with a beautiful garden, and we are very happy to host Fantasy Forest at this historic venue.

We ask you to respect the terrain and the beautiful nature surrounding it. Therefore, we would like to ask our visitors to not pick any flowers, stay on the paths, track mats or grass and to not damage any furniture. Please place your rubbish in the bin and no not throw cigarette butts on the ground.

The ticket granting access to Fantasy Forest does not grant access to the castle itself. Certain areas are not included in your Fantasy Forest ticket. These areas will be clearly marked. Please do not enter these areas under any circumstances.

The Queens Gardens, a beautiful place photographers and their models will love, and St Mary’s chapel will be opened to the festival public at 5PM. Due to the sensitive nature of the Queens Garden access may be limited to a maximum number of people at a time to prevent damage.

The construction staff of Fantasy Forest put a lot of effort and manpower into turning Fantasy Forest into the magical realm you can experience during the weekend. Any tearing, breaking or any other form of destruction to the decoration will result in removal from the festival terrain. The organisation reserves the right to file a criminal complaint for any form of vandalism.

(Fake) Weapons

We understand that some costumes might not be complete without a weapon. Prop weapons are allowed to complete your outfit. Do note they will be checked at the entrance. Make sure your props are:

  • Blunt
  • Unable to fire any type of projectile
  • Fitted with an orange cap in case of prop guns

The final decision lies with the security at the entrance. Please be patient and understanding if your weapon is not allowed in. Please do not bring anything to the festival that could be considered under the Offensive Weapons Act.


Dogs are allowed in most areas but must be kept on a lead at all times. Dogs are not allowed in the Queens Gardens or St Mary’s chapel.

Please respect the venue and other visitors by picking up after your dog and deposit his “deposits” in a rubbish bin.


It is not permitted to distribute flyers or hang posters during the festival and on the campsite, with the exception of traders within their own marque or booth. If you wish to promote or distribute flyers or posters, please contact us at info@fantasyforest.co.uk