Practical Information

Prepare your journey to the magical realm of Fantasy Forest

Going to a large and diverse festival can be daunting. Here you can find all information you need to make the best of your weekend at Fantasy Forest!

Openings Hours

Festival Hours

The realm of Fantasy Forest will be opened at 10h00 on both Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of July.

On Saturday the terrain will close at 23h00.

On Sunday it will close at 19h00.

On Friday, the festival terrain will be open from 18h30 till 22h30 for camping visitors only

Please note that after these hours, the staff will sweep the terrain and ask all visitors to leave.

Other Noteworthy Hours

You can enter the carpark of Fantasy Forest each day at 09h30.

Ticket sales at the gate will not start before the official opening at 10h00.

The bars close at 22h45 on Saturday and 18h45 on Sunday.

All hours for entertainment and activities can be found in the booklet you can receive at our information stand and entry.


The camping of Fantasy Forest will open Friday July 15th at 15h00 until Monday July 18th at 12h00.

Festival information

Payment Methods

Within the realm of Fantasy Forest, there is no special currency. All traders, catering and merchandise can be paid with regular sterling pounds. The ability to pay by card will vary, depending on the trader.

Tickets at the gate can be purchased by card or cash.

Unfortunately, there are no ATMs at Fantasy Forest. Therefore, we strongly recommend entering the festival terrain with plenty of cash on hand.

The nearest ATM is in  Winchcombe Village, just down the entry road towards the festival terrain.


Professional safety teams will be located throughout the venue and at the entrance, where they might check bags and sharp weapons.

If you have an emergency, please find a member of the safety team, a member of the staff with a radio or the information stand.


The use of toilets at Fantasy Forest is free of charge. Two toilet facilities can be found on the terrain, at opposing sides of the festival for optimal coverage. These toilets will be cleaned on a regular basis.

It is strictly prohibited to urinate in public.

Photography and Filming

The use of photo and/or videos cameras is allowed on the festival terrain apart from professional equipment, for which you must obtain written permission prior to the festival.

We encourage all photographers and regular visitors to capture the wonderful realm of Fantasy Forest and share it on the internet.

The usage of drones over the festival terrain is strictly prohibited by UK law.

Please read our full terms and conditions regarding photography and filming HERE


All marquees are wheelchair accessible. There are no stairs anywhere on the festival site, including the campsite. However, please note that due to the festival terrain being grass and therefore uneven a wheelchair user might require assistance from their companion to navigate certain areas, especially the “Dream Field” and “Medieval Village”.

All areas of interest are provided with paths laid with track mats and the ground is well drained.

Severe wet weather conditions might make navigation on grassed areas challenging.

We offer a free personal assistant ticket to those who would be unable to experience the festival without help. More information

Food and Beverages

There will be a variety of food and drinks stalls on the festival terrain, including both vegan and vegetarian options, of which an overview can be found in the festival booklet. Please do not bring your own food and drinks except for small quantities (non-alcoholic) for your own personal use or where the food is needed for  for medical purposes.

Beverages containing alcohol will not be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

As hydration might be the most important factor for enjoying the festival free water stations will be located throughout the event.

First Aid and Medical

During the festival, a first aid medical team will be present. Their location will be marked on the map and their marquee will be clearly distinguished.

If you require emergency medical assistance, please find a member of staff with a radio, a member of the security team or report to the head of the information stand. They will radio the medical staff to attend. Please do not call the emergency number (999) but allow the medical staff to assess the situation first.

Those who have special dietary needs may bring food onto the venue for personal use only.



Fantasy Forest will take place at the lovely and historical venue of Sudeley Castle, 8 miles north of Cheltenham.

Sudeley Castle & Gardens

Winchcombe Gloucestershire, GL54 5JD

By Train

The closest train station to Sudeley Castle & Gardens, is Cheltenham Spa. Located just 35 minutes from Birmingham, 35 minutes from Bristol and 130 minutes from London, Cheltenham is serviced by up to 12 trains per hour. Check your journey at National Rail

From Cheltenham station, you’ll be able to take the bus towards Winchecombe (see “By Public Transport”).

By Car

While we do not have a yellow brick road leading to the castle, all access roads with be provided with yellow AA “Fantasy Forest Festival” signs leading directly to the parking lot.

The venue is located only 10 miles from junction 9 of the M5, 43 miles from the M4 and 61 Miles from the M40.

Carpark at the venue

The festival venue is equipped with a large carpark and finding a spot should be no issue. The carpark is free of charge and requires no reservation.

By Public Transport

The venue is harder to reach for those who are limited to public transport .

You can reach the venue with the W1, W2 and 606 service from Marchants Coaches. Buses will travel from Cheltenham Bus Station to Winchcombe and Willersey/Broadway to Winchcombe.

Please note there is a 15 minute walk from the village centre of Winchcombe to the festival venue. We strongly advise you to use our Facebook Community in order to arrange carpooling.

Please find your travelling times on the Marchants Coaches website.



Camping tickets are limited in number and can only be bought online until the 14th of July. The campsite is right next to the festival terrain.

Campfires and Cooking

Individual campfires and/or barbecues[J1] are not allowed. Fantasy Forest will provide several campfires around the site to gather around, if weather permits.

All open or closed fires (including candles or torches) are prohibited on the campsite.

Sanitary Facility

Luxury hot showers, toilets and drinking water will be provided at the campsite. Treat these facilities like your own bathroom and keep them clean for the next person.

Campsite Rules

Large LPG cans, reinforced sound (radio’s), generators, drugs, glass, or any other item the festival organisation deems a safety hazard or disturbance, are prohibited.

Please keep the noise to a minimum. After midnight, we ask everyone to be quiet. (no playing of musical instruments or loud talking)

Please mind and respect your neighbours and camping staff.

Drunk behaviour will not be tolerated.

Keep the main emergency roads between the “bring your own tent” areas clear.

Follow the instructions of the campsite staff at all times.

Please keep the site clean and bring your rubbish to the rubbish collection point before departing.

The organisation reserves the right to permanently remove a person from the campsite without the right to a refund.

Entry and Departure

Only those with a camping wristband have access to the campsite. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

The campsite will be open from Friday July 15th 3PM until Monday July 18th 12PM. It is not permitted to enter the festival site outside the festival opening hours or to enter castle grounds that are not part of the campsite.

Members of the crew will be present at the campsite 24 hours a day and will do their best to watch over your belongings. However, staying at the campsite is at your own risk and we cannot take responsibility for any loss, damage, or theft of your property. We expect our visitors to leave their spot the way they found it; clean.

If you brought your own tent, but don’t feel like taking it home, you are allowed to discard it on the festival site. Please, break down your tent and bring it to the rubbish collection point, don’t leave it on the field.

During the weekend you can enter and leave the campsite between 7AM and 11PM. At night the gates will close.

Campervans and Vehicles

Campervans/moterhomes are allowed on the campsite but an additional Campervan pass must be purchased in advance for each vehicle.

  • There is no electric hook up available
  • An Elsan waste disposal unit is available for your chemical waste
  • It is prohibited to sleep in the carpark

Cars can be parked close to the campsite. In very wet conditions you may be asked to park your car in the carpark after unloading. For blue badge holders here is an option to park on the campsite.

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Don’t feel like bringing your own tent, mattress or sleeping bag? There will be a limited number of pre-pitched luxury Bell tents to rent.

  • 4m Bell Tents sleep 3 people on 3 (single mattresses) or 4 people (2 double mattresses)
  • 5m Bell Tents sleep 5 people (single mattresses) or 6 people (3 double mattresses)
  • 6m Bell tents sleep up to 8 people

Please do not forgot to order additional mattresses and bedding if needed.

Note that ordering a Bell Tent does not include your camping ticket (required for each person sleeping in the tent) or festival weekend ticket. These must be purchased separately.

Festival Rules

Venue and Festival Decoration

Sudeley Castle is a wonderful location with a beautiful garden, and we are very happy to host Fantasy Forest at this historic venue.

We ask you to respect the terrain and the beautiful nature surrounding it. Therefore, we would like to ask our visitors to not pick any flowers, stay on the paths, track mats or grass and to not damage any furniture. Please place your rubbish in the bin and no not throw cigarette butts on the ground.

The ticket granting access to Fantasy Forest does not grant access to the castle itself. Certain areas are not included in your Fantasy Forest ticket. These areas will be clearly marked. Please do not enter these areas under any circumstances.

The Queens Gardens, a beautiful place photographers and their models will love, and St Mary’s chapel will be opened to the festival public at 5PM. Due to the sensitive nature of the Queens Garden access may be limited to a maximum number of people at a time to prevent damage.

The construction staff of Fantasy Forest put a lot of effort and manpower into turning Fantasy Forest into the magical realm you can experience during the weekend. Any tearing, breaking or any other form of destruction to the decoration will result in removal from the festival terrain. The organisation reserves the right to file a criminal complaint for any form of vandalism.

(Fake) Weapons

We understand that some costumes might not be complete without a weapon. Prop weapons are allowed to complete your outfit. Do note they will be checked at the entrance. Make sure your props are:

  • Blunt
  • Unable to fire any type of projectile
  • Fitted with an orange cap in case of prop guns

The final decision lies with the security at the entrance. Please be patient and understanding if your weapon is not allowed in. Please do not bring anything to the festival that could be considered under the Offensive Weapons Act.


Dogs are allowed in most areas but must be kept on a lead at all times. Dogs are not allowed in the Queens Gardens or St Mary’s chapel.

Please respect the venue and other visitors by picking up after your dog and deposit his “deposits” in a rubbish bin.


It is not permitted to distribute flyers or hang posters during the festival and on the campsite, with the exception of traders within their own marque or booth. If you wish to promote or distribute flyers or posters, please contact us at info@fantasyforest.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I buy tickets at the gate?

No, due to Covid restrictions all tickets must be purchased in advance. You will be able to purchase tickets online up to the day of the event though. (subject to availability).

Are dogs allowed?

At Fantasy Forest, we love the loyal canine. Dogs are welcome in most areas if they are kept on a lead. Please clean up after your dog.

Do you need to dress up?

No! You can visit Fantasy Forest in the way you want and do not need to dress up to enter.


Do I need to reserve a spot for my campervan?

Yes. In addition to a camping ticket you will have to purchase a Campervan pass.

Is there electricity available for my campervan?

No, unfortunately we do not offer electricity on the campsite.


Do you have carer tickets?

We provide free carer tickets if the requirements are met. More information can be found here.