Photography and Filming

Due to its setting, terrain and costumed visitors, Fantasy Forest is known to be a very photogenic festival.

Therefore, we encourage our visitors and photographers to take plenty of images, both static and moving and share with the world. To enable everyone to enjoy the festival equally, a photography and video policy is in place. Please respect the following:


The use of photo and/or videos cameras is allowed on the festival terrain apart from professional equipment, for which you must have obtained written permission prior to the festival. This includes the following:

  • Press photography and recordings
  • Photographers and/or videographers of bands/special guests

We do not consider hobby photographers with DSLR cameras amongst this list and they are free to enter.

Written permission does not grant access to any prohibited areas. If any extra access is required, this will be reviewed upon application.

We encourage all photographers and regular visitors to capture the wonderful realm of Fantasy Forest and share it on the internet.

The use of drones over the festival terrain is strictly prohibited by UK law.


A camera does not grant you the right to break the rules. Always respect your surroundings, the venue and gardens.

Be polite to both your subject, the visitors, and fellow photographers. If someone does not want to be recorded, please respect their decision no matter how beautiful their costume is.

Their costumes took many hours to make, respect their hard work and provide them with a business card or other information to obtain the images.

Don’t touch the models without their consent and respect their personal space.

Do not block any paths longer than 30 seconds.


Please adhere to the following rules:

Where possible, state the name of the model in your picture.

Please do not ask for any money when providing images to the model. Images must be provided to the model in the highest possible quality.

You are not permitted to sell or use your images in any commercial way without the consent from both the model and the organisation

of Fantasy Forest.

Fantasy Forest has the right to use any images taken at the festival. If you wish to see your images on our social media, don’t hesitate to send them to jurrien@fantasyforest.co.uk. Doing so will make it easier for us to credit you.

Always follow instructions by the Fantasy Forest crew / Purple shirts.