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Fantasy Forest Festival

Madam Misfit

Dragon Stage

Steam Stage

Madam Misfit has been making waves on the scene up and down the UK since 2019 driven by her quirky comic vibe, witty rap and delightful vocals.

In 2022 she collaborated with record label Electroswing Thing and released her debut album “Elixir of Swing” which has had huge success, so much so that she recently released the follow up album “Pandora’s Box”.

Electroswing to Swinghop – her influences have no boundaries, 80’s TV remixes through to classical Mozart covers, her only theme being the positivity she exudes.

On stage her shows are a wild combination of music and comedy, whipping her crowds in to a frenzy as she leads them in to a conga line of sheer joy.

In 2022 she successfully had two tracks selected for an official Spotify playlist pushing her music far and wide for Halloween racking up nearly 1 million streams.