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Fantasy Forest Festival

FF2023 Shuttle busses are here!

Several hundred of our visitors are reliant on public transport if they wish to reach Fantasy Forest. And as Fantasy Forest grows, so does the number of visitors arriving by public transport.

If you have been before, you know Fantasy Forest is challenging to reach by public transport. This can be a big obstacle for some. That’s why starting this year, our own shuttle busses will be driving between Cheltenham Spa and Fantasy Forest. These shuttles will be available on Saturday only.

A shuttle will be driving down to Fantasy Forest every 30 minutes. This shuttle will drop you right at the front door after a 20-25 minute drive.
Shuttle tickets must be bought during pre-sale and can be found our our ticket page. When buying a ticket, you must select a time slot. Don’t forget to book your return journey as well!
All time slots are limited in number of seats so be sure to book your ticket early on!