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Fantasy Forest Festival

FF 2024 completely sold out!

Last year, in 2023, the final Saturday ticket was sold on May 22nd 2023 (53 days before the festival) and the final Sunday ticket on July 10th 2023 (4 days before the festival).
For the first time since it’s conception, Fantasy Forest had completely sold out.

With 2024 being the 5th anniversary, we decided to go bigger. With the biggest expansion to do, Fantasy Forest included now the full castle ground, nearly doubling the size of the venue.
More ground also meant that we could allow more people. To test the waters, we decided to increase the number of tickets by 50%. An increase that we hoped would be enough to get the same results as 2023: sell out in the week leading up to the festival.

Beyond all expectations, Saturday sold out on March 18th 2024, a full 123 days before the festival.
And then, today, on June 10th, 39 days before the festival, the very last ticket to the 5th edition of Fantasy Forest was claimed.
Despite increasing tickets by 50%, tickets went twice as fast.

We are extremely grateful for the support of our community and the growth our festival has experienced over the years. We thank you for staying with us and making Fantasy Forest the wonderful experience it is today.

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