Fantasy Market

Fantasy Forest hosts the largest Fantasy Market in the UK. Across 100 stalls you'll meet artists, makers and traders offering fantasy art, crafts, clothing, jewellery, accessories, LARP goods and all things tempting...

If you have unique goods you would like to share with the visitors of Fantasy Forest fill out the trader application and perhaps your stall will become part of this list!

The Night Owl merchandise

The Night Owl

Fantasy, Pagan ,gothic, fairy and Viking spiritual jewellery and gifts.

The Steampunk Astrologer

The Steampunk Astrologer

Astrological and steampunk jewellery. Orders taken for astrological charts.

Stich Tower logo

The Stitch Tower

Crocheted fantasy dolls, forest creatures and toys. Including dragons, griffins, unicorns, goblins, fauns, brownies, mushroom and acorn sprite’s, wyverns, unicorns and kelpies.

The Toggery

The Toggery

Boho blouses featuring a unique hand painted neckline.Uniquely designed and handmade headdresses.


Timekeepers Emporium

Steampunk items (goggles, pouches, umbrellas, capes, masks etc.)

Stall of Tommy's Treasures

Tommy’s Treasures

Official Harry Potter, Myth and Magic and Alice in Wonderland merchandise.

Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove

Recycled dresses, ethnic clothing and accessories

Triba Mytica Merchandise example

Triba Mythica

Hand made leather crafts including Armour and Costume pieces, bags and jewellery. Fantasy artwork, prints and merchandise.

Trick or Treat Crafts stall

Trick or Treat Crafts

Handmade cloth dolls (fairies, fauns, unicorns etc), Alternative baubles, altered bottles, crystal headdress and jewellery.


Wands and Whatsits

Traditionally handcrafted wands, staffs and gypsy flowers.

White Wizard Purple Elf

White Wizard Purple Elf

Embroidered goods, giftware and clothing.



Unique handmade items including knitted, fabric and paper.

The Witchy Hut

Witchy Hut

All things witchy, magical, Fairies, unicorn, dragons, Gods & Goddesses, incense, and more.



Chainmaille and scalemaille