Fantasy Market

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Fantasy forest is proud to host the largest Fantasy Market in the UK. With over 100 stalls, the Fantasy Market has something for everybody. From leather pouches to DnD dices to wooden statues, LARP equipment and much more!

Browse to your hearts content

Fantasy forest is proud to host the largest Fantasy Market in the UK. With over 100 stalls, the Fantasy Market has something for everybody. From leather pouches to DnD dices to wooden statues, LARP equipment and much more!

Dream Field

Afterdark leather corsetry

Leather corsets, neck corsets, harnesses and bracelets.

AlexHenry Mixed Media

Fabric sculptures and Wall Art mainly gothic in style.

Avebury Faeries

Stainless steel magical garden sculptures, indoor silver plated mystical sculptures.

Bardware Of Frog lane

An eclectic mix of pagan handmade gifts and handmade soaps and balms.

Brunhilde’s Boot EEK!

Hand Embroidered Clothing, medieval/Victorian arts & crafts, vegan snacks.

Dixey’s Delights

Faery, Unicorn, Dragon and Wolf figurines. Handbags, purses, wallets and pictures.

Henrettas Handmade

Handcrafted gemstone and wirework jewellery using ethically sourced materials.

Jaded Heart Ltd.

Officially licensed fantasy and gothic giftware. Drinking horns, tarot and oracle decks, runes.

Luluna Clothing

Clothing with a Pirate, Victorian, Elizabethan vibe. Corsets, frock coats, tricorn pirate hats.

Michael Meech

Dark serialism sculpture, paintings and prints.

Runecast Copper

Handcrafted, distinctive and unique copper, brass, and bronze jewellery and accessories.

Saffrron Crafts

Medieval clothing & accessories , cloaks, shoulder capes, harem pants, dungarees.


Drinking horns/mugs/cups, wood carvings, hides, leather jewellery and metal jewellery,

Steampunk Tinkers

Steampunk jewellery, Top hats. Headresses and circlets decorated with gemstones.

Tawny El’s Emporium of Oddlettology

Fantasy creatures, magical mushroom display domes. Nature, fantasy and pagan themed art.

The Elderwood Folk

Art dolls, fairy houses, headdresses, head gear/costumes, jewellery, wooden staffs, artwork.

The Fox & The Faery

Faery Art Dolls, Gnomes & fantasy creatures, pagan wreaths, jewellery and headdresses.

The Henna and Hat Lady

Gothic, Fae, steampunk, Pagan, fantasy hats, headdresses and accessories.

The Little Lilac Faery

Faerie wings, crowns, belts and beautiful things.

The Night Owl Unique Stall

Pagan wiccan, heathen, Viking, mythical spiritual goods.


Leather Crafts including armour, costume, larp, headdresses, bags and jewellery.

White Wizard Purple Elf

Embroidered goods, clothing and gifts.


Unique handmade knitted hats and gifts. Headdresses and magical artworks.

Steam Nation

Bydand Design

Steampunk and alternative jewellery, goggle inserts and accessories.

Ginger & Teal

Steampunk accessories.

Good Fairy Bad Fairy

Handmade clothing, patches charms jewellery.

Heggarty’s Curios

Jewellery and steampunk accessories.

Ivy Moon Designs

A very large range of handmade Steampunk & Cosplay items.

Kind Hearts & Coronets

Steampunk, Gothic and Fantasy jewellery, costumes, bridalwear and accessories.

KittySugar Powertex

Steampunk accessories and artworks.

Lurcher Gallery Steampunk Emporium

Victorian clothes, hats and accessories.

Mojo Jewels

Steampunk and alternative jewellery, pocket watches, epaulettes and skirt hitchers.

Queen in Chains

Chainmail, metal and scalemail clothing accessories and items.

Steampunk Dot Global Ltd

Bespoke and made to measure steampunk clothing and corsetry.

Treasure Knot

Handmade leather goods, jewellery, accessories and clothing.

Medieval Village

Amber wolf Workshop

Viking jewellery, carved skulls, fur, viking bone items.

Backintheday Re-enactment Furniture.

Woodwork , metalwork, horn and leather goods, for LARP and Historical Display as well as historical replica jewellery. And a wide range of souvenir items and gifts.

Cowleys Fine Foods

Meat and vegan jerky, dried sausages, biltong, fruit leathers, sweets, sauces and sundry preserved goods.

Firehound Forge

Live blacksmithing. Sale of traditional blacksmith items.

Hilltop Garden Stone Art

A unique range of garden stone art.


Historica, and Arcane Weird items.


Leather goods, Sheepskin , re-neeactment items.

McSkelly leather


Millstream Forge

Wrought iron work of iron age onwards, mainly cooking, lighting and personal bling. Blacksmithing demonstrations.


Medieval cloaks, clothing and headwear, wooden chests and boxes, Medieval-themed gifts, collectibles and toys.

The Unfound Door

Historic Style Jewellery in Gold and and Silver with Precious and Semi Precious Stones.

White Dragon Activity Centre

Have-a-go archery using traditional longbows with a selection of fantasy targets.

Valley of the Dragon

Amys steampunk emporium

Leather work, wire wrapped jewellery and steampunk curios.


Fantasy themed hand crafted resin products and mixed media framed pieces.


Clothing for adults and children.. Fairy dresses, Medieval tunics, skirts, top hats and goggles.

Chris Down

Fantasy art on prints, canvases, books, cards.

Crystal Wisdom

Crystals and minerals from around the world and a handcrafted range of crystal jewellery and wood grid boards.

Forged n Willow

Willow and metal sculptures, Animals, fantasy creatures, wings hares ,deer etc.

Gallery 59

Exclusive art, candles and melts, jewellery and incense.

Georgie Porgie Puddings

Traditional steamed sponge puddings in 8 varieties.

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (SWWFL)

Charity information stand (education, awareness).

Grace Moth

Fantasy/gothic prints, notebooks, stickers, bookmarks, pocket mirrors and original art.

Jacqui de Rose Art

Pagan/ earth centred/fantasy art, Limited Edition prints, handmade cards, small wooden handcrafted decorative items.

Minerva Craft with Davidophoto

100% hand crafted LARP/COSPLAY/Fancy dress costumes for all ages, fantasy themed gifts. With an onsite photo studio for pets and people portraits

Mythic Leatherwork

Custom Leatherwork items.

Noontree folk arts

Folk inspired designs, woodcarvings, painted wooden plaques, small items of leather work. Wood caring technique demonstrations.

Phoenix Leather & Crafts

Leather goods including eye masks and amour. Wooden crafted items jewellery and clay items.

She Shed Ceramics

Handmade ceramics. Ranging from cup, plates, bowls, sculptures, mirrors, clocks, brooches, ornaments, lamps.

Shoddy Craft

Fantasy landscapes on any type of wood or reclaimed material. Pyrography on wood in a Pagan/Wiccan and fantasy style.

Spirit of wire and felt

Hand needle felted dragons, mice, hares, ect plus mixed media sculptures mummified fairies and mermaids, clay sculptures of shrooms, gift cards and journals.

The Toggery

Hand made items like hand painted boho blouses, necklaces and headwear.

Timekeepers Emporium

Hand made alternative leather goods, Charms and craft supplies.

Treasure trove

Recycled dresses and clothing and accessories.


Chainmail jewellery and acessories.

Witchy Hut

Witchy and Fantasy gift ware.

Northern Fields

Art of Naomi Cornock

Original Art Prints, Original Fabric Art Prints, Oracle Deck.

Clockwork Arcana

Quality handmade goods for tabletop gaming, LARP and reenactors.

Feral Jelly

Tarot card readings and tree tonics (similar to Bach flower remedies).


Handmade Stone Dragon Eggs

Jenna Whyte Illustration

Original Art, prints, bags, books, stickers, bookmarks.

Little Dragon Designs

Fantasy art work and hand made sculpture, handmade jewellery, engraved items.

Moon Sprite Creations

Custom-made dreamcatchers. Bespoke pieces, including original artwork and jewellery and tarot reading.

Robert J Marsters

Books, books and more books and dragons.

Rowans Closet

Clothing designed by Rowans Closet, jewellery ritual incense, spell bottles, small crystals.

Seaflower Institute

Art dolls, Larp and tabletop props, fantasy art prints and accessories.

Sean Counley

Originals & Prints of my fantasy art paintings.

The Crafty Sage

Handmade aromatherapy balms and soaps and fantasy wire tree sculptures.

The Inky Tinker

Handmade books, bookmarks, booklets, charms, handmade ink.

The Pit Gaming Shop

Roleplaying games, books and wargaming miniatures, fantasy, historical and sci-fi.

The Stitch Tower

Crochet toys and dolls. Crotchet bags, pouches, wristlets and hoods.

Trick or treat crafts

Magical creatures, jewellery and various alternative paraphernalia.

Fantasy Alley


Original paintings, prints and cards, hand-painted leather jackets and T shirts.

Books Illustrated Ltd

Illustrated books and prints.

Darkbox Images

The Authentic Victorian Tintype Portrait Experience. Take home a one of a kind portrait on metal or glass.

Dragon Chains

Chainmaille and scalemaille jewellery and accessories.

Faerie Fantastical Creations

Lotions and potions. Jewellery. Ritual items. I channel dragons created into Amulets or ritual items.

Hair art

Hair pieces and braids and medieval hair styles.

Joles Gourmet

Sweet n savoury muffins s itch egg bombs pastries.. croissants 


Acrylic charm jewellery and apparel. A variety of stationary and accessories for tabletop RPGs.

Something Quirky

Incense, wax melts (themed), spiritual, fantasy, magical, Crystal’s and pagan gifting.

Tribe of Mog

Nature inspired handmade art works.

UK Fudge Co

Artisan cream and butter Fudge.

Willow Bee Workshop

Leather goods ranging from armour, to cosplay to animal masks and fashion accessories.


Conjured by Victoria

Conjured by Victoria makes handmade magic wands. Each wand is unique, just like you!

Delightful gifts & Bespoke

Handmade gothic and costume jewellery.


Floral headdresses, original artwork, pixie ear cuffs, hair sparkles, pagan gifts and wirework jewellery.

Fun Costume Stuff

Cosplay accessories – hats, masks, tails, ears, wings, hair accessories, beards and masks, hair braids, feather accessories.

Hubble Bubble Bathcraft

Bath bombs in the shape of potion ingredients, tarot inspired mineral makeup and witchy soap.


Larp, cosplay and theatre props, weapons and equipment. Monster and fantasy costumes.

One Oak

A range of unique handmade wooden items covering all areas of fantasy.

Pencole Pens and Turnings

Hand turned writing equipment and other turned practical and decorative items.

The Goblyn’s Portal

Wooden Faery/Elf doors, oak wands and pens. Dragon “skin” sketchbooks, eggs and Dragon eye mirrors.

Twilight Fantasy

Handmade jewellery and clothing for adults and children.