We’ll keep you entertained throughout the weekend

Fantasy Market, roaming performers, special guests, Tournament Arena, Medieval Village, children’s entertainment, storytelling, Orc Boot Camp and more…


Wicker Fire Ceremony

Join us, on Saturday evening for a magical fire spectacle!

Toil and Trouble

Toil and Trouble

Something is brewing with Toil and Trouble! Watch them dance to loud music with spectacular effects such as lasers, smoke and bubbles. But beware! These witches like to involve their audience!

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Shadovar Guild of Assassins

This costumed group of dark assassins can be spotted throughout the weekend. Stay alert! They are not to be messed with…

Swords of Cygnus

Spectacular Medieval Battles

With authentic armour, Swords of Cygnus perform full contact battles that are no joke! Enjoy the spectacular demonstrations of the only women's Historic Medieval Battle club in the world.

The Galactic Knights

Warriors of the Dark Lord

The Uruk-Hai General and his troops seek warriors for the Dark Lord Sauron to join his fight against the hated Elves. Beware the Orc Boot Camp as they look for children to train up as Orclings! Interact with Lord of the Rings characters from master costume group The Galactic Knights.



EXTERMINATE! Meet Dalek Skaros and a host of the Dalek army and enter the Tardis.

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Coin Cutting Workshop

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Medieval Re-enactment Camp

Visit The Avebury Household, a reenactment group covering the 1300s to the late 1500s. Walk through their authentic camp and see for yourself how the people lived in medieval times.

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Hula Hoop Workshop

Our Hula Hoop troupe ‘Cogs and Steam’ bring you Hula Hoop with a Steampunk twist. Hula Hoop is one of those things where you can say "It's harder than it looks". They’ll be giving workshops throughout the weekend, so it won't be any longer!

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Iconic Legends

The Iconic Legends costume group bring people’s favourite fantasy characters to life as if they’ve just walked off the screen. Look out for them as they roam the castle grounds and if you ask nicely, you can get a photo with them!

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Lightsaber Swordplay

Experience Star Wars swordplay in real life! The masters of the Saber Combat Academy invite all padawans, young and old, to join their workshops and learn the way of the lightsaber.