Costume Show 2022

We cannot imagine a better place to host a costume show then the Gardens of Sudeley Castle and their overwhelming backdrop. Scroll down to find information about how to enter, what prizes there are and who is eligible. Please use the form to sign up. The time has come to show your creation to the world!

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The costume show is for all ability levels and costumes ranging fromCosplay, Steampunk, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Medieval, Gothic, Pirates and more! This is a great place to show off your creation!

There is a costume show on Saturday and on Sunday. Everyone is welcome to enter. Per day we can accomodate a maximum of 20 entries.

How can I enter?

You can take part by using the pre-registration form on this page (registrations open in Spring 2022). Or you can register at the info stand on the day of the costume show.


  • You must complete your application in full and submit it no later than midnight of Sunday the 10th July 2022. (Any submissions after this will not be accepted)
  • Your email address must be accurate as you will receive all updates and warning orders through this. Failure to respond to emails from the organisers may result in your application being deleted.
  • – Any images (for cosplay) or additional information must be sent to the organisers promptly or a message provided stating clearly that you will bring it on the day. (If provided on the day, this must be submitted backstage no later than 1pm).
  • – You must present yourself backstage 30 minutes before the start of the competition.

On the spot registration

  • Entries will be accepted backstage until 1pm.We operate a first come, first served system as we have limited places.
  • If entering the cosplay category, you will be required to submit a picture of your original character (we may be able to assist but to be certain you are advised to bring one with you in triplicate.
  • Any music that you wish played must be submitted before 1pm along with your entry.
  • You must present yourself backstage 30 minutes before the start of the competition.

Though this might all sound a lot, please don’t be daunted. We are here to help and want everyone to have a fantastic time. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Who is eligible to enter?

The costume show is for all visitors. From novice to expert. From handmade to store bought. And all types of costumes are welcome. Release your imagination! Entertainment and traders are welcome to participate as well but only Fantasy Forest visitors are eligible to win a prize.

  • Best craftsmanship
  • Eligible to those who have created their own costume from scratch. This category is for those who have shown us their talent by putting time, effort, and skill into their costume, attending to every detail, and showing us this in the finished article. Those who make costumes/attire professionally (for profit or reward) will not be considered in this category.
  • Cosplay
  • A costume based on an already existing character. Show us your attention to detail and understanding of the character you are portraying. In order to be eligible for this category, you must provide a clear picture of the original character.

  • Best performance
  • A category for everyone regardless of what your costume is. We want you to show us your piece, demonstrate your character, and wow us with your own finesse and details. 

  • Best original concept
  • As cosplay is alike to something extant, we feel it’s only fair to give those who have come up with an entirely original piece a chance to have their innovation, creativeness, and imagination rewarded.

  • Overall day winner
  • From these four categories will be chosen one overall winner. Someone who has gone above and beyond, truly dazzled us, and scored constantly highly throughout the categories..
Bonus Categories
  • Young Padawan
  • Eligible to those performers under the age of 16 who have shown courage and bravery to stand up and present their costumes. All participants in this category will receive a token of participation.
  • Best Group
  • For those who perform in a group of 2 or more people
  • NB. These categories are eligible for no monetary reward but will receive a small token of our appreciation.

First place in each of the categories will be awarded £50 cash and two weekend tickets to Fantasy Forest 2023! In addition, an overall day-winner will be selected from the 4 category winners who will be awarded an additional £150 cash and a trophy.

General Rules
  • All contestants are automatically competing in all eligible categories.
  • If you are cosplaying a character and you want to be eligible for winning the cosplay category, then you must submit an image of you character following your application, or bring one with you on the day (in triplicate).
  • Performances should be limited to a maximum of 2 minutes.
  • Music, pre-made track, and/or microphone may be used during your performance. Any music you wish played must be submitted in an mp3 format by email. We are unable to accept YouTube links or other formats.
  • By entering the competition, you agree to be filmed and photographed during the event, all rights of this belong to the event organizers.
  • You are allowed to enter the show on both days but if you wear the same costume and you won a prize on Saturday you will not be placed on Sunday.
  • If you were placed and won a prize during the previous edition of Fantasy Forest, you may not enter the same costume as you were prized for
  • Only paying visitors are allowed to enter the competition. Entertainment and traders are welcome to participate but are not eligible to win a prize.
  • If you state that you are not a professional clothing/costume maker and are later discovered to be so, you will be removed from this and any future competitions and any prizes will be rescinded.
  • Throwing props is not allowed. Neither are items that create a “mess” or “spill” risk, pyrotechnics, or explosives.– Costume weapons must meet event weapons policy guidelines.
  • No swearing, nudity, flashing, extreme political or religious statements or other inappropriate behaviour will be tolerated.
  • Fantasy Forest or Sudeley Castle reserve the right to decline or stop a performance at any time for any reason.
  • Fantasy Forest or Sudeley Castle reserve the right to change or revise these rulesets at any time.
  • If you are unable to attend for any reason, you must let the organisers know. Failure to do this may result in being refused entry for any future competitions.
  • The judge’s decisions are final once made.