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Fantasy Forest Festival


3 nights on castle grounds​

A first for Sudeley Castle, Fantasy Forest provides festival-goers the unique opportunity to camp in the historic castle grounds.


If you want to experience the festival to the fullest, camping is a must! 


Camping tickets are limited in availability

3 nights on castle grounds

A first for Sudeley, Fantasy Forest provides festival-goers the unique opportunity to camp in the historic castle grounds. 

If you want to experience the festival to the fullest, camping is a must!


Camping tickets are limited in availability

Your arrival

Fantasy Forest Campsite tickets are only available during presale! These ticket are limited in availability. Camping tickets are per visitor and not per pitch.

The campsite will be open from Friday July 19 10AM until Monday July 22 12PM.
You can check-in on Friday between 10AM and 10PM.
You can check-in on Saturday between 8AM and 12PM.

Visitors are free to leave during the day but vehicle movement is only allowed between 8AM and 10PM. At night the gates will close. The festival venue can only be accessed during festival hours.

Campervan and other sleeping vehicle information

Luggage shuttle

Dragging your tent for over 100m can be exhausting. That’s why we have made a luggage shuttle available!

Next to the campsite registration you’ll find the luggage point. From here, a shuttle will bring your bags and tent to the luggage point at the communal area.

This is an optional service. You are of course welcome to bring your own trolleys to transport your luggage.

The shuttle will run on
Friday 10am until 9pm
Saturday 3pm until 8pm
Sunday 3pm until 8pm
Monday 9am until 12pm


Unfortunately, there is no electricity available on the campsite. This includes electric hook up for campervans.

Charging essentials, such as medical equipment, can be done at the campsite reception.

Sanitary Facilities

Hot showers, toilets and drinking water will be provided at the campsite. Treat these facilities like your own bathroom and keep them clean for the next person.

Toilets are spread to multiple location on the campsite, ensuring you’ll never have to walk too far.

Cooking and campfires

Individual campfires and/or barbecues are not allowed. Fantasy Forest will provide several campfires around the site to gather around, if weather permits.

All open or closed fires (including candles or torches) are prohibited on the campsite.

It is allowed to use a small, portable stove powered by a small gas canister (max 500g) for cooking outside your tent.

Vehicles and campervans

We do not allow vehicles on site except for:

– Campervans/motorhomes used to sleep in and in possession of a campervan pass (must be bought in pre-sales and are limited in availability)
– Vehicles in the blue badge area (must be requested during pre-sales)

Please keep the following in mind when you are camping in a campervan:

– There is no electric hook up available
– An Elsan waste disposal unit is available for your chemical waste
– The campervan area is in a separate field from the main camping area.

It is prohibited to sleep in the car park.

Blue badge camping area

A blue badge camping area is available close to the venue and facilities. Access to this area requires a special ticket which can be requested on our accessibility page. Without such a ticket, you cannot be given access to disabled area unless you are able to provide a blue badge at the entrance (provided spots are still available!)

Those granted access to the blue badge area, are allowed to park their vehicle within the area for easy access.

Other camping areas

Our campsite is split into different areas:

  • Trader/entertainment campervans
  • Tents (for all traders/entertainment and visitors)
  • Visitor campervans
  • Pre-pitched Bell Tents

As our campsite and festival grows, so do the number of rules imposed by our permit. This unfortunately means that as of 2024, we must completely separate campervans from tents. As such, it is no longer possible to pitch your tent next to friends in a campervan.

Campsite rules

  • Large LPG cans, reinforced sound (radio’s), generators, drugs, glass, or any other item the festival organisation deems a safety hazard or disturbance, are prohibited.
  • After midnight, we ask everyone to lower their voices and cease any musical instruments at the communal campfire. Noise in sleeping areas must be kept to a minimum at all times.
  • Please mind and respect your neighbours and camping staff.
  • Drunk behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Keep the main emergency roads between the “bring your own tent” areas clear.
  • Follow the instructions of the campsite staff at all times.
  • Please keep the site clean and bring your rubbish to the rubbish collection point before departing.
  • The organisation reserves the right to permanently remove a person from the campsite without the right to a refund.
  • Staying at the campsite is at your own risk and we cannot take responsibility for any loss, damage or theft of your property.
Please check our full visitor Terms & Conditions