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Fantasy Forest Festival

Camping tickets sold out in record time!

In 2019, we didn’t sell out the campsite.
In 2021, the campsite sold out 260 days after ticket sales launched.
In 2022, the campsite sold out 152 days after ticket sales launched.

This year, as we are working towards our 2023 edition, the campsite sold out 40 hours after ticket sales launched.
On top of that… The 2023 campsite is 2 times larger than the 2021 campsite!

We knew the camping tickets would sell out faster this year. As you can see, despite making more tickets available each year, they sell out faster with each edition as the festival grows. We had anticipated them to sell out with the first 2 months, maybe first month if we were lucky.
Instead they sold out within the first 2 days!

This is far beyond our expectations and we are absolutely speechless!

Regular weekend and day tickets are still available. But at this moment, we dare not say how long they will be available.
Saturday is at 25% sold at the time of this writing, Sunday at 23%.