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Fantasy Forest Festival

The Fantasy Forest app!

With over 70 different activities, overing over 300 workshops and 20 food stalls offering over 100 different dishes, it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for.

Which is why we are releasing the Fantasy Forest app!
Use this app to guide you through the weekend, with detailed schedules of every activity and stage and the menus of all our food stalls!

Does the app work offline?
Reception can be tricky at the venue so one of our main concerns, was making sure the app works offline. And we have managed to do so! Except for certain images, the app will download and store all information on your device for offline usage.
It is important to note that the app will only store data from a page when the page is opened. So you need to open every single page with an active internet connection before you can use the app offline.

We advise doing this the day before you leave for Fantasy Forest to guarantee you have the most updated information!

Does this replace the booklet?
No! You can still get a free, physical booklet at the festival. But it will be less detailed. It will still have your map, stage schedules and basic information on entertainment and food stalls. But detailed information, such as workshop schedules, are only available in the app.

Get the Fantasy Forest App today!