Anne Sudworth

Meet the artist: Anne Sudworth

The distinctively dark, moody and mystical scenes of nature from Anne Sudworth’s canvases capture the imagination, and offer a glimpse into the arcane world. She is well known for her depiction of many of Britain’s megalithic sites including Avebury, Stonehenge, Wayland’s Smithy and Casltlerigg Stone Circle.

Sudworth takes inspiration from nature, mysticism, dreams, death, mythology and folklore and is often referred to as a visionary artist. Her ongoing series of paintings “Earth Light Trees” show imaginary scenes in which trees, forests and woodlands glow with their own ‘earth light’ and life force, symbolizing the power and energy of the earth. Moonlight is also a dominant feature, with the moon in various phases providing an important part of the symbolism which runs throughout her work.

On both Saturday and Sunday Anne will be talking about her work and holding a Q&A for those wanting to learn more. Times to be confirmed.