• For the past 7 years, I've been a performance artist & model, specialising in fire performance, burlesque, dance, immersive acting and aerial hoop. I’ve always tried to make my own costume where it’s been possible. Its quite a magical thing being able to wear your own creations whilst you perform. For years now, I've dreamt of making it my main point of focus, but never really knew which avenue i wanted to go down as there were just so many, head dress’s & millinery, show girl couture, more, eccentric street wear? i was inspired by so many things, it was almost like i had to many ideas! All i knew was, i want to design things specifically for performers, artists, musicians & creatives alike. Something unique & daring, something that makes the wearer feel empowered, wearable pieces of art.. but at the same time, being durable and long lasting. 

    At Fantasy Forest I will be selling chain & scale maille clothing and jewellery and also handcrafted artisan knives and leather craft.


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