• We invite you to join us on Saturday evening for a burning of the Wicker Man ceremony! The theme for 2019 is: a new beginning

    An ancient ritual in a modern form, the burning of the Wicker Man symbolises saying goodbye to what was and welcoming the new.

    Throughout the day everyone is free to leave a personal offer with the Wicker Man. The offer can be a note or symbol of what you would like to cast away or attract in your life, for yourself or for a loved one.

    Following the ceremony, the Wicker Man will be set on fire and from that fire a number of fire pots will be lit which visitors can use to light their own candles (don’t forget to bring a candle and lantern)

    As we want to give everybody a private moment with the Wicker Man there could be a waiting line during the day. Please consider that in your planning

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