• An event such as Fantasy Forest cannot be run without volunteers. If you would like to be part of our magical adventure and work together with us to create a great experience for our visitors and guests you can sign up here. It may be the start of the greatest adventure of your life.

    Get a unique look behind the scenes of a large Fantasy Festival. Make new friends (for life) and add a great work experience to jour resume.

    There is a dedicated area reserved for the crew on the event terrain where you can put up your tent. In the evening this is where we start a campfire and relax, share a laugh and a drink.

    This area will also be home to the crew tent where breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served. You can walk in here 24/7 to grab a drink or something to eat.

    If you work during the weekend your team-leader will make sure you have enough free time in your schedule to enjoy the festival.

    The minimum age requirement is 18 and there is no maximum. There are many positions available. Some or physically demanding, some require people skills while other positions have different or no specific requirements. You can find a selection of available positions here.

    The positions outside of the weekend are paid positions. Some of the positions during the weekend are also paid positions. The reason is that as a team-leader you have a greater responsibility for the team and your location during the weekend and you may not have as much free time as a regular team member.

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