• Long long ago, when the humans of this world developed technology during the industrial age, all of the being’s of the now 'unseen' realm were part of our seen realm. Part of our daily lives where much respect (and sometimes fear!) was given to all the different entities that had a hand in our existence. Some places in the world still do make allowances for the creatures of the hidden realm, notably Iceland who will still avoid building in certain areas to keep peace with the Huldufólk. 
    This unseen realm is as complicated as ours with as much in the way of power struggles with each different race trying to live in their own ways. 
    The Fae, or Faerie as they are known to us have the ability to fly and as a result under orders from their queen Medb, They have been not content with messing with us mere mortals, for the last few hundred years they have been stealing magic from the other races. By force and have been the dominant force in the other realm for a long time.
    A Little while ago this artist had a dream where i was approached by a group of 'Piskeys' and they implored me to help 'level the realm' by building them a series of flying machines, i was told by Joan the Wad the 'queen' that whatever is built in my realm is done so in theirs too. "as above so below' she said. 
    I was naturally concerned about backlash from the fae in my life, But i was assured protection from all the client races as well as several boons in my life by way of thanks. It's been an interesting ride so far! 


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