All the traders at Fantasy Forest

This list will be updated throughout the year with all confirmed traders and the items they’ll be selling at Fantasy Forest 2020

The Steampunk Astrologer – (Astrological and steampunk jewellery. Orders taken for astrological charts)

Little Dragon Designs – (Handmade fantasy sculptures and Jewellery. Orginal fantasy art work printed on various items)

Wraith Maille – (Chainmaille and scalemaille jewellery, accessories, clothing and cosplay clothing like scalemaille dragon tails)

Michael Forrester Books – (A range of author signed fantasy and other books dedicated in the wording of the customer)

Luluna Clothing – (Handmade Pirate, Victorian, Edwardian clothing and hats for men and women)

Elluna Art – (Artwork on: fixed frame drums, canvas or stone. Prints of artwork)

Dixey’s Delights – (Anne Stokes and Lisa Parker artwork figurines and assorted items. Handmade dreamcatchers and Faery jewellery)

A World of Magic, Myth and Legend – (Faerie artwork, books about the Fae, OOAK Faerie dolls and faerie tale clothing)

Chris Down – (Art, prints, canvases and books)

Tommy’s Treasures – (Official merchandise for Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and Myth and Magic)

Raven – (Handmade Fabric bags, games and trinkets)

Tales of Maille – Silver and copper chainmaille jewellery

Heather Coleman Jewellery – Handmade silver & semi-precious stone jewellery. Other handmade metal worked items e.g. bowls, tealight holders.

Heggartys Curios – Steampunk jewellery and accessories including hairbands, hatwings and steampunked nerf/X-shot guns

Nome art – Art Prints, Wall Hangings and Flags

Saffrron crafts – Historical and fantasy costumes. Cloaks shoulder capes. Parasols and soft toys

Michael Meech – Handmade original fantasy and dark fine art sculpture

Oakbound Studio – Fantasy roleplay and wargame miniatures, including The Woods our folklore fantasy tabletop game

Trick or treat crafts – We sell handmade cloth dolls (fairies, fauns, unicorns etc), alternative baubles, altered bottles, crystal headdress and jewellery. We also have a range of bought in items which compliment our handmade range such as tankards, statues and incense

Kind Hearts and Coronets – Selling jewellery, headdresses, costume, wings, bridalwear and accessories

the little lilac faerie – Handmade faerie wings, skirts, bustles, corsets and more

Tawny El – I am an oddlettologist which means I study the world of the odd and the weird. My emporium of oddlettology is full of magical creatures (hand made multi media sculptures and art dolls) magical specimins ( ingredient boxes andmagic themed props) a whole range of mushrooms and toadstools grown in my shroomery (polymer clay fantasy fungi in a variety of sizes and display domes), mandrakes and sproutlings and freshly grown botanical items (clay and resin sculptures) plus a whole range of fanatsy art and fantasy themed jewellery. I make everything by hand and like to bring a bit of magical whimsy to the world.

Amys steampunk emporium – Handmade steampunk leather work, walking canes and curios

From The Shadows ltd – Hand sculpted resin fantasy figurines and polymer clay jewellery

Dixey’s Delights – Faery, unicorn, Dragon, skull figurines, pens, journals, purses, wallets, bags, keyrings, pictures, all from Nemesis Now featuring the artworks of Anne Stokes, Lisa Parker etc. Handmade horse shoe dream catchers, faery miniatures and Faery jewellery

Bepstyle – Beret’s, Top Hats, Bowler Hats, Fedoras, caps and all other headwear

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Each year, roughly 70 traders fill the field of Fantasy Forest with their wares

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