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    (Picture of 3 x 3m marquees on the right) 

    • Select the plot number (note, plots that have already been reserved are marked with an "X". The plot numbers can be seen on the detailed maps below. An overview map is also included to provide you a better picture of the site lay-out and help you with your decision.
    • Fill out the registration form 

    Reservations are processed in the order they are received. If someone reserves a plot and you reserve the same plot before we have a chance to update the map, the first reservation has priority. If this is the case we will inform you by email.

    If your reservation is accepted you will receive an email with an invoice and further information,


  • Welcome to the Fantasy Forest Trader Information and registration website. We are now accepting trader applications for the 2019 edition which will be held on July 20th and 21st.  This website is for traders only. If you are a caterer please click here.

    Fantasy Forest is an outdoor festival held at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire, organised by Pilgrim Events Limited. Festival hours are:
    Saturday July 20th from 10am till 11pm
    Sunday July 21st from 10am till 7pm

    The maximum amount of visitors is 5,000 per day (10,000 for the weekend).

    The target audience are visitors of: Comicons, Medieval festivals, Pirate festivals, Steampunk festivals, Gothic festivals, Sci-fi conventions or Fairy festivals as well as people that: enjoy making (historical) costumes, like Celtic or Folk music, like cosplay, like fantasy films, books or art. And a whole range of groups affiliated with the above.

    Please read the trader terms and conditions carefully before signing up.

    For the 2019 edition we will work with a flat rate for each type of space and allow you to select the preferred location. This is a way to reward the traders that sign-up early as they will be able to select the best locations.

    Please note all prices are excluding VAT. VAT will be charged.

    The following plots are available:

    • 100 - 146: These plots contain a pre-pitched market stall (see picture). Each stall measures 3.04m x 2.14m with a display counter measuring 3.04m x 1.22m and includes a water resistant back panel and clear side sheets. Table cloth, chairs and electricity are available at an additional fee. The price for a market stall is £ 125.-
    • 201-216: These empty plots are suitable for a 3 x 3m marquee. Please note that the ground is a little uneven. The plot comes with an additional 1m in front of the marquee which you are allowed to place wares on. Chairs, tables and electricity are available at an additional fee. The price for these plots is £ 170,-
    • 301-320: These plots contain a pre-pitched 3x3 marquee (see picture) that is located on a 3x5 meter plot which allows you to display items in front of the marquee. Chairs, tables and electricity are available at an additional fee. The price for a pre-pitched marquee is £ 190.-
    • 401 - 411: These empty plots have a flexible size to fit the size of your marquee. . The cost for one of these plots is £ 195.-
    • 501- 507:  Same as the 400 range
    • 601 - 604: Same as the 400 range
    • Medieval Village, situated around the Arena. Flexible pitch sizes. Only available for Medieval Traders who use an authentic style tent. Medieval Traders must dress in authentic style costume and sell period type products (not mass produced/modern). These pitches come at a reduced rate of £ 75.- as your trading pitch is considered an attraction as much as a point of sale.

    Plots marked with a blue X or with the number crossed are no longer available.

    If you need more space and  hire two adjacent plots you will receive a 25% discount on the second plot (no sub-letting is allowed, both plots must be merged as one single stall).

  • (Picture of the market stalls on the right)

    The yellow lines on the overview map are the expected paths people will use to get from one location to another. The festival is divided into two distinctly different areas.

    • Area 1 (101 - 146 - market stalls only) is the entrance and exit point and is located on the castle grounds. This area also contains the info stand (lost and found) and the ATM's, In addition this area has toilet units, a water tap point and a secondary stage for (dance) workshops, the costume competition etc. Live music will also be played on this stage. Additional entertainment will take place in this area at scheduled times and some entertainment will be located here in tents. A limited but adequate amount of catering is also available in this area.
    • Area 2 (all others) This field behind the castle contains the main stage where the major performances will take place. It also has a large catering and picnic area opposite the main stage. In addition this field will host several re-enactment camps. People who are staying at the visitor campsite pass through this area to get to the camping. This area also has toilet units, a water tap point and a first-aid tent.



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