Volunteer Functions


Friday 8AM – 23PM – Sunday 6PM – 11PM

As member of the traffic control team you will be the first and last festival employee that artists and stall holders see and talk to. You and your team will be responsible for all the traffic on and around the festival terrain. You report to the Parking Team Leader.

Friday and Sunday (evening) the traders, entertainers and campsite visitors will arrive/depart. They will report to the parking team who will check with the location managers if the trader can enter the terrain and will direct the entertainers and campsite visitors to the correct entrance gate.


Saturday 8AM – Sunday 8PM

As member of the Entertainment Team you are responsible for all off-stage entertainment and VIP guests. You may be asked to pick up guests at the gate and bring them to their location, assist re-enactment groups when they have questions/requests and make sure the entertainers with scheduled performance times arrive and start on the agreed time. You report to the Entertainment Team Leader. You will also be help coordinate and run the Costume show and Wicker man ceremony.

Ticket Control

Saturday 9AM – Sunday 7.30PM

As part of the Festival Gate team you will sell tickets in the ticket office or control access to the event site. You will be equipped with scanners to check the tickets and will issue wristbands to two-day pass holders. You will help keep the waiting lines short and will greet the visitors in a friendly way when they arrive at or leave the festival.

Campsite Crew

Friday 1PM – Monday 12PM

As member of the camping crew you are responsible for the visitor campsite. You will help direct the visitors to their location and assist them with any questions they have. You will help keep the campsite and campsite facilities clean. In the evening you take care of setting up and controlling the official campfire(s) on the campsite.

When the guests arrive you check their tickets, give them their wristbands, explain the campsite rules and help them get settled in.

You will also make sure only people with a camping wristband access the campsite.

As a member of the camping crew you report to the camping team-leader

Stage Crew

Saturday 8.30AM – Sunday 8PM

As a member of the stage crew you report to the stage crew manager. You will help the artists unload and load their instruments and bring them to/from the stage when requested. You will also help keep the stage area clean, make sure there is enough coffee, tea or other refreshments for the artists. During change-overs you will assist the technicians on stage to ensure a smooth and quick change-over. You make sure that people stay behind the barriers and that no unauthorized people enter the backstage area.

Together with the stage crew manager you will make the artists feel welcome and at home.

(De)Construction and Decorating

Monday 8AM – Friday 10PM (before the festival) and Monday 9AM – Tuesday 5PM (after the festival)

The build and decorating team prepares the terrain for the visitors and guests. The team starts one week before the event and finishes two days after the event. You report to the build and decorating team leader

The build and decorating team will put down the track mats, place the fences and the crowd barriers, place the decorations, distribute the tables and benches, assist the contractors when needed and perform any other task necessary to transform the event site into a festival site. This is a physically demanding position and is less suitable for people that are not physically fit.

During the weekend you can enjoy the festival. But you are also welcome to sign up for another team during those days if you like to keep busy.

Crew and VIP Catering

Saturday 9AM – Sunday 8PM)

During the weekend the hired caterers who take care of the crew and VIP catering will require some assistance. You report to the contracted caterer and may be asked to set up tables, bring the food to the buffet, clean the tables or any other kind of catering related task that will allow the caterers time to do what they do best: create a great meal for the volunteers and VIP’s.

You may also be asked to bring hot meals to volunteers who are not able to leave their station during the event or fresh pots of coffee/tea to entertainers.

Mobile Support

Saturday 8AM – Sunday 8PM

As a member of the mobile support team you may be asked to assist at any location as the need arises. Maybe ticket control needs additional support in the morning. Or you receive information about broken decoration that requires fixing, or may be involved in a missing child search. You also make sure that the garbage bins are emptied regularly, may be asked to assist with crowd control, guard the entrance to the crew area etc. Basically any task that comes up during the festival that we did not foresee and needs to be fixed or supported.

Information Stand

Saturday 10AM – Sunday 7.30PM

The info stand is the location where people will come to if they have questions about the festival, show times and anything else they can think of. You will also be distributing the information material (festival site map, schedules) to the visitors when they enter the festival grounds.

But it is also the location where they will turn in items they have found or will report items they have lost or register for the costume show.

More important even, this is where people will come to report missing children.

As a member of the info-stand team you will register the found items and try to return them to the right owner. When someone is reporting a missing child you activate the missing child procedure and coordinate the search.

Area Manager

Friday 9am till Sunday 10pm

As area manager you are responsible for a specific area of the festival. On Friday you will be there to greet the traders, direct them to their location, make sure that everything they asked for is waiting for them, they unload their trucks within the given time and that they do not drive on the grass.

During the weekend you are available for the traders in your area in case they have questions/requests, alert the garbage team if trash cans are overflowing, keep an eye on safety and alert security/first aid if needed.

On Sunday evening you assist parking and traders to make sure all traders are able to leave in an orderly fashion, leaving their pitch/stall as it was handed to them.

Shuttle Driver

Friday till Monday.

Some of our international guests need to be picked up at Bristol or Birmingham airport (and returned). And they also need to have a ride from their hotel to the festival and vice versa. Or someone needs to be picked up at Cheltenham trains station. Or maybe we just need someone to drive the van to go grocery shopping.

For all of this we need an experienced driver for our 9-seater minivan who can (on call) take care of our transportation needs.

Get a unique look behind the scenes of a large festival

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Fantasy Forest. They create the entire experience and without them, the festival would simply not exist.

It is a magical experience you’ll never forget, where you’ll make new friends, sometimes for life and add a great work experience to your resume. All while you are being well taken care off.

There is a dedicated area reserved for the crew on the event terrain where you can pitch your tent. In the evening this is where we start a campfire and relax, share a laugh and have a drink at night. During the day, you can find your temporary home; the crew tent. You can walk in 24/7 to grab a drink, something to eat or simply rest. Throughout the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served by a professional crew catering, free of charge for all our volunteers! If you work during the weekend your team-leader will make sure you have enough free time in your schedule to enjoy the festival.

The minimum age requirement is 18 and there is no maximum. There are many positions available. Some are physically demanding, some require people skills while other positions have no specific requirements.

If you have any questions or require more information, do not hesitate to contact jantien@fantasyforest.co.uk

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