• Professor Roland Rotherham

    (aka Uncle Roly)

    The first thing you will learn from Uncle Roly is not to take things too seriously. He loves his subjects but always believes that you remember what you smile at.

    He has been lecturing for over 35 years on the legends of King Arthur and the Holy Grail, with special emphasis on the Grail and the Spear of Destiny. Until his retirement he was in great demand all over Europe for his unique style in delivering his lectures.

    (Answer a question correctly or ask a good one and you might even be offered a jelly baby) !

    His interests are wide ranging and for over 25 years he has been a regular weekly contributing broadcaster on BBC Radio with regard to his passion for historical cookery.

    Look out for his cookery book 'Simmering Through The Ages' and his latest historical works: 'Sacred Falls' and 'Myths and Legends' (In collaboration with photographer John Mason).

    For Fantasy Forest he is delivering 2 talks:

    “Spear of Destiny”. What is the history behind this fascinating relic ? Can any of its legends have any basis in fact ?

    The darkness that surrounds this mysterious object has enthralled many over the centuries. Many have tried to harness the 'power' that is said to reside within it, some for good and many for evil.

    Join in with this fascinating workshop/lecture and explore the dark secrets that surround one of the most powerful relics of all time.

    “The Holy Grail”. 'Cup Of Christ' or 'Dish Of Plenty' ? Christian relic or something far more ancient ?

    Anyone who has studied the 'Grail' or 'Graal' has inevitably found the quest of this fascinating and magical subject more confusing and contradictory as their studies progress.

    Mysterious ? Yes. Magical ? Certainly. Enthralling ? Without a doubt !

    This talk will attempt to throw some light on the areas surrounding the 'Grail', whatever it might be, and, hopefully, enthuse those who attend with the excitement of the quest.

    Many of his publications will be on sale at Fantasy Forest and you can find out more by visiting his website: www.rolandrotherham.co.uk

    Both talks are suitable for all visitors and ages.

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