Opening Hours

Festival Terrain

The realm of Fantasy Forest will be opened at 10h00 on both Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of July.

On Saturday the terrain will close at 23h00.

On Sunday it will close at 19h00.

Please note that after these hours, the staff will sweep the terrain and ask all visitors to leave.


The camping of Fantasy Forest will open Friday 17th at 15h00. It will stay open the entire time until Monday 20th at 12h00.

Other Noteworthy Hours

  • You can enter the carpark of Fantasy Forest each day at 09h30.
  • Ticket sales at the gate will not start before the official opening at 10h00.
  • The bar closes at 22h45 on Saturday and 18h45 on Sunday.
  • Traders are not allowed to close their stall before 20h00 on Saturday.