• I am Phil Rayner, and I have been blacksmithing since 1990 (this is beginning to sound like a ‘smiths anonymous meeting!)  In my time I have been employed in various companies making everything from lights to rock crushers, including restoration work for the National Trust. As you look through my galleries, you will see I can turn my hand to most metalwork, from medieval dining sets to modern gate design.

    My influences are, primarily, medieval and shaker style, and you may be pleased to know that I do not consider myself an artist, although I have developed an eye for balance and aesthetics in my ironwork. If you require something very artistic, please supply a drawing and I’ll tell you if I can make it.

    As well as working both iron and steel, I have now started forging bronze and other non ferrous metals. While they are more difficult to work with, some nice effects can be got by combining the metals.


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