• We are very happy that we are able to host the event in such a unique and beautiful location as Sudeley Castle & Gardens. Because of the special nature of this location we ask you to treat the terrain and buildings with respect and follow the rules outlined below.

  • Dogs are allowed in most areas but must be kept on a lead at all times. Dogs are not allowed in the Queens gardens or St Mary's chapel.
    A dog has to go when a dog has to go but please pick up after your dog and deposit his "deposits" in a garbage bin.
    A festival ticket will only grant access to the festival area. Please do not enter the areas of the castle that are not part of the festival. These areas will be clearly marked.
    The Queens gardens and St Mary's chapel will be added to the festival area at 5pm. Due to the sensitive nature of the Queens garden access may be limited to a maximum number of people at one time to prevent damage to the gardens or lawn.

  • Please follow the directions or requests from the Castle staff or the event staff at all times.
    Respect the buildings, grass and gardens on the festival terrain. Do not pick flowers, stay on the paths or grass and do not damage any furniture.
    There will be plenty of garbage bins. Please place your garbage in the bin and do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.

    As this is an ancient building there are uneven surfaces, steep terraces, deep water features, steep steps, non-edible plants, low branches and slippery surfaces in wet weather. Please take care

    The full visitor terms & conditions can be found here.


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