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Galactic Knights

Orc Boot Camp sees the Uruk-Hai General and his troops, train children (called Orclings) to be future warriors for the Dark Lord Sauron and fight the war against the hated evil Elves

Iconic Legends

Iconic characters you want to see, who have become legends in culture overtime. Especially for the kids, who want to meet their favorite character or hero

Daleks and the Tardis

Last year Dalek Skaros showed up at Fantasy Forest. In 2020 he will return and this time he will be joined by his friends!

Swords of Cygnus

The UK's all female Historic Medieval Battle team will return to Fantasy Forest! With battles and demonstrations throughout the weekend.

Shadovar Guild of Assassins

This costume group loves interacting with the public and often do collections on behalf of charities.