• Contrary to what a certain pirate captain has been claiming, the rules are not like guidelines, they arrrr... actual rules.

    Only people who have a camping wristband are allowed on the campsite. If you meet friends on the event you cannot bring them to your tent for a cup of tea.
    Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
    It is not allowed to enter the event site while the event is closed or to enter the castle grounds that are not part of the campsite.
    Campers must vacate the campsite by Monday 12 pm on July 22nd.
    Staff of Fantasy Forest will be present on the campsite 24 hours per day and will do their best to watch over your belongings. However staying at the campsite is at your own risk and we cannot take responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of your property.
    It is not possible to bring your car onto the campsite. Campervans/motorhomes are allowed. Other vehicles must be parked on the designated Fantasy Forest parking lot at your own risk. It is not allowed to sleep on the parking lot.
    It is not allowed to cook at your tent. We will provide designated locations (away from the tents) where you can prepare a hot meal if you so desire.
    Individual campfires and/or barbeques are not allowed. We will provide (weather permitting) several campfires on the campsite to gather around.
    The following is not allowed on the campsite: open or closed fires (including candles or torches) LPG cans, reinforced sound (radio's), generators, drugs, glass and any other items the festival organization deems a safety hazard.
    Please keep noise levels to a minimum. After 00.00 we ask everybody to return to their tents and go into "quiet" mode.
    Please mind your neighbors.
    Know your limits. It is a family friendly festival and campsite and drunken behavior will not be tolerated.
    Please follow the instructions of the camping staff at all times.
    Please treat the camping staff with respect. Rude behavior to our staff will not be tolerated.
    You are free to place your tent in any of the "bring your own tent" areas but please keep the main emergency roads between these areas clear of tents.
    Use the facilities respectfully. Keep showers, sinks and toilets clean for the person who will use them next.
    Please leave your spot as you found it. Bring your garbage to the garbage collection point before departing
    If you "bring your own tent" but you don't feel like "take your own tent home" you are allowed to discard it at the festival site. But do not just leave it on the field. Break it down and bring it to the garbage collection point. We very much appreciate it.
    The organization reserves the right to permanently remove a person from the campsite without the right to a refund.


    Campervans/motorhomes are allowed on the campsite if you reserved a spot (bought a ticket - free of charge)
    Please note the following:

    - campervan access to the campsite runs through the festival area. It is possible that staff will ask you have to wait a little while after arrival before you can enter the campsite with your vehicle (road blocked by other vehicles)
    - You cannot arrive/depart on Saturday
    - Departure on Sunday is only possible after the festival closes.
    - We do not offer hook-up.




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