Announcing special guest: Anne Sudworth!

We are so looking forward to welcoming Anne Sudworth to Fantasy Forest as a special guest!

If you, like us and many others around the world, are a huge fan of Anne’s work this is an opportunity to meet her in person!

Anne Sudworth is a British artist, internationally known for her magical trees and haunting moonlit landscapes. She has exhibited widely and her work can be found in many collections around the world including the USA, Germany, Australia, Russia, India, Japan, Canada and the UK.

Her dark, moody paintings are deeply involved with nature and its more mystical aspects. This is probably most evident in her Earth Light Trees, an ongoing series of paintings which represents a central theme in her work.

Her inspiration comes from many things including dreams, nature, death, mythology, folklore and all things magical. Her work has been described as ethereal, visionary, magical, gothic, fantastical and occasionally surreal and her strange, haunting works, particularly her moonlit scenes, have influenced many.

Anne’s work has been published in a number of books, including “Enchanted World: the Art of Anne Sudworth” and “Gothic Fantasies: the Paintings of Anne Sudworth”.

Her work is best described by Academy Award winning actor, Nicolas Cage, who wrote:

“Anne Sudworth’s art awakens the inner glow I felt as a child when I beheld a tree for the first time under moonlight. She recalls in me a soft, light green illumination that restores my imagination; gives me strength in my adult life, and never stops burning no matter how dark the night gets. Like Graves’ “White Goddess” her paintings are poetic, magical gifts direct from the source.


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