The amazing Terry English will be joining us at Fantasy Forest!

Terry English is one of the worlds leading armourers, working for Film, Television, and the entertainment industry and producing works for both private collections and museums across the world.

He has been creating armour for over 50 years and has worked on many classic film productions including Excalibur, Aliens, First Knight, Batman and Robin and Gladiator to name but a few.

 And during his illustrious career Terry has worked with many great actors, including Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, Helen Mirren, Richard Gere, Patrick Stewart, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others.

When we asked him how large his marquee should be to display his collection he answered “no matter the size, I will fill it”. Challenge acaccepted! Terry and his collection will be on site all weekend. Be sure to drop by!


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