Fantasy Forest

Sudeley Castle, Cheltenham

Fantasy Forest 2020 will not take place

Like many festivals before us, we too must face reality

As an organisation, we have a duty of care. It is our duty to guarantee the health and safety of everyone on our festival terrain. And more importantly, it is our duty to ensure everyone can enjoy the festival. Due to the worldwide impact of COVID-19, we cannot guarantee any of this.

If you have bought tickets for the 2020 edition, please click the button below

If you have questions, please contact us at info@fantasyforest.co.uk

Please bear with us as due to an increased amount of e-mail communication, it might take some time to get back to you.

But worry not!

In 2021 Fantasy Forest shall rise from the ashes like a phoenix!

We hope to see you all on July 17th and 18th 2021 at Sudeley Castle.

Stay safe!

Enter a festival that welcomes all audiences and dream with your eyes open

Anime, cosplayers, fantasy enthusiasts, medieval re-enactors, pirates, science fiction lovers and more. All are welcome within the realm of Fantasy Forest. Enter a world of peace, happiness and dance. Enter a world beyond your imagination.

Unlike many existing conventions and festival in the UK which cater to a specific audience, such as sci-fi, comics or fairy’s, a fantasy festival like Fantasy Forest caters to a wider range. A festival for those who want to immerse themselves for a day or two in another world. A world where you can be who you want to be. A lively festival filled with fantasy related shows, entertainment, competitions, workshops, special guests and much more.

Harmony Glen


The Captain

From Captain of the lost waves

Anne Stokes

Fantasy Artist

Swords of Cygnus

Full contact medieval fighting

Dance to your favorite band!

Fantasy Forest hosts a variety of bands, musicians, special guests and entertainment – all included in the ticket fee!

Curious about all the stuff you’ll be able to do and see at Fantasy Forest 2020?

Not a penny wasted!

We believe everyone should be able to see and do the same at Fantasy Forest, regardless of how much money they spent.

Therefor, we try to include as much of the entertainment, workshops and guests within the ticket fee as we possibly can without rocketing the price – you pay once to enjoy the entire festival!

We have a variety of options available to suit everyone!

All children 7 and below

Enter for free!

Weekend ticket child (8-15)


Sunday ticket adult (+16)


Weekend ticket adult (+16)


See the magic!

Due to the many costumed visitors and atmosphere, Fantasy Forest is a very photogenic festival.

Both visitors and photographers will be able to let their eyes and cameras or phones feast.

A little taste of what to expect?